Resources For your Pregnancy, Postpartum & Newborn


Birth & Postpartum Doulas

Doulas come to assist you in pregnancy or labor or birth or postpartum, whenever you want them to be there for you.  Each doula has their own gifts and parameters so it is good to meet with them to see how it would be a good fit.  They can help with meals, childcare, presence at labor, someone to talk to, postpartum duties and much more.  

Alexa Murphy (805) 428-7984, Birth & Postpartum Doula

Carolina Paulon (808) 354-1618

Kaila Elly (760) 840-9645, Student DONA Doula

Kelsy Burch (541) 415-4440, Birth Doula

Monica Kauakahi (808) 212-5936, Certified Birth Doula

Sarah Bisarello (818) 515-6475

Sarah Linnane (808) 855-5202

Snow Carapetyan (808) 631-4549, Certified Birth Doula

Kaua`i Doulas is on facebook and is a network where you can find an active doula.

Sacred Birthing School, led by Barbara Essman, has been birthing many doulas on Kaua`i island.  


Flora Freeauf, LAc. (808) 631-6889, Kilauea, office and $120/hr home visits; cupping, hot stones, baby tui na massage (

Carrie Karu Hodder, LAc. (808) 212-4437, Kapa`a; acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine (

Linda Lee, LAc. (808) 652-3746, Hanalei, community acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine, sliding scale $30-$60; home visits $250.


Jake Atchley, DC. (808) 652-1962, Kapa`a office

Cyrus Ogawa, DC. (808) 822-7113, Kapa'a office


Greta Kugler (808) 482-4998

Jane Winter (808) 652-0397

Keaka Yasutake (808) 937-0512

Tanya Gamby (808) 821-2027

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Barbara Ingles (808) 635-1989, home visits

Kim Luchau (808) 822-4644, no texts, home or office visits

Herbal Resource

Gabriel Monaghan (808) 826-4004, (

Mieko Aoki (808) 651-3194, bulk herbs, herbal supplements, tinctures, vinegars, elixirs


Barbara Essman (808) 286-3602, prenatal & infant massage, Kapahi, Kapa`a

Jenica Springer (908) 591-3334, Princeville; $120/hr, $160/90min. (

Katie Lozito (808) 346-1733, name your location (

Lana Olson (808) 639-8488, Kapa`a office and home visits (

Mieko Aoki (808) 651-3194, $135/session; Kapa`a office; abdominal care after 20wks gestation and after birth, belly wrap and moxibustion (free for my current midwifery clients)

Structural Integration/Rolfing

Abbey Holmes (440) 714-4420, Princeville, home and office visits (

Jason Esterle (808) 652-7782, Wailua Rise Estates, $150/session (

The Makuahine Circle : A Drop-In Group for Postpartum Mothers

An in person support group and community for mothers. 

Join this drop-in group to listen, be heard and meet other mamas. 

Keiki in arms only please.

Contact Aoki Birthing Care for more information.