Babies have the strength to be born.  That’s why a natural birth is the best way.  
For babies, the first sense of achievement will become confidence for life.
— Fujie Sakamoto, age 93, Midwife of 72 years

Midwife Mieko Aoki

     I am a Home Birth Certified Professional Midwife (CPM).  Although I have been invited to hold rituals for women preparing to birth since 1999, I actively began assisting births in 2006 after attending my sister's first birth.  Since then, I have graduated from The House of La Matrona, a wholistic midwifery program that inspired me to no end how seriously important it is to be with women in birthing.  Afterwards, even though I had to leave Kaua`i, I sought out specifically home birth midwives who have had at least 20 years of experience to take me on as their apprentice.  Auspicious alignment placed me with phenomenal Midwives, Laura Roe and Anita Rojas, along with many others who influenced me gently.  Ready to return to the islands and re-engage with the community, the revered and experienced Dr. Lori Kimata, brought me under her wings.  Closely working with her in my final fledgling year has strengthened and deepened my sense of awareness in sitting with women.  I sit with you now to actively listen and connect with you to create a genuinely individualized prenatal, home birth and postpartum/newborn care together.

     I am also a Certified Clinical Herbalist (CCH) and have been working with reproductive health since 2004.  I do my best to meet you where you are at.  A wide array of nutritional ideas, movement exercises and herbal remedies are offered and made available.

     As a Maya Abdominal Care Specialist since 2007, I continue to uphold the traditional teachings as trained by a Yucateca Maya Herbalist and Midwife, the late Miss Beatrice Waight of Belize, (Maya abdominal & uterine care techniques and healing practices) by educating individuals with self-care techniques and providing private sessions. 

     I am a cultural practitioner in traditional hula kahiko under Kumu Kehaulani Kekua, Halau Palaihiwa O Kaipuwai, since 2011.

     I speak Japanese, some Spanish, enjoy cooking & eating nice food with friends, love beach walks, big hikes in the forest and ceremonially resting at night.   

Whether you may be pregnant for the first time or the last,

your birth experience matters!


Home Birth Midwifery care

     Midwives care for you throughout your whole pregnancy, labor, birth and the postpartum!  This is called continuity of care. Through your pregnancy & birth journey, we learn about each other and build a trusting bond.  We understand that birth is a normal life event and trust the body's physiological process.  This has been found to decrease labor time as well as any unnecessary interventions.  We also understand the importance of care and attending to the needs for women after giving birth and to your newborn during the first six weeks.  Your prenatal visits are at the office and we ask for your partner to attend with you.  All care for your labor, birth and the postpartum is at your home!