Healing With Herbal Medicine


Medicinal Herbs are nurturing foods and your unique allies!

🌱 Herbs complement to supplement what you are already using to nourish yourself.

🌱 Herbs help build blood, aid the digestive process, vitalize the immune system, support the nervous system, balance reproductive energy, and more!

🌱 Herbs protect, purify, clarify, heal, nourish, create & clean the space/body around you subtly and or significantly for your benefit.

🌱 Working with herbs often lead us to getting to the root of our issues thus help us to heal effectively.


Mieko cares about your overall health, reproductive well-being and as a Certified Clinical Herbalist (CCH) of many years, she works to meet you where you are at.  A wide array of nutritional ideas, movement exercises and herbal remedies are offered and made available.


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Herbs are available fresh, loose, as tea blends, tinctures, essential oils & flower essences.

Come get your herbs today at 4558 Kukui Street, Upstairs, in Kapa`a!