Placenta Preparations


There are several ways to prepare your placenta after birth.  Please ask for further instructions for each.

Lotus: The umbilical cord is left connected to the baby until it dries and separates on its own.  Herbal care for the placenta is recommended.    

Raw/Smoothie: Wash and cut a section into small cubes and swallow little pieces for a few days or blend with your favorite ingredients.  Usually taken immediately after giving birth to give you energy, stop any excess bleeding and balance your hormones.

Encapsulate/Tincture: Traditional Chinese Medicine has long made placenta into medicine.  Prepare the placenta, steam, dehydrate, encapsulate.  Request your placenta to be encapsulated or made into a tincture.

Bury: Many people choose to plant a special tree and place the placenta under it.  Often times this is said to help ground the child onto Earth. 

Umbilical Cord: The cord can be dried separately and preserved for keepsake or prepared into medicine.  

Prints: Place the placenta, called the "Tree of Life," onto your choice of special surfaces.


Contact me to have your placenta Prepared

You will receive your prepared placenta with instructions usually within 24 hours of your birth.