As part of a community organization, Mothers And Midwives Advocates of Hawai`i (MAMAHAWAII), we are advocating for those who practice home birth in the Hawaiian islands.  We feel itʻs of utmost importance to know what the community thinks and feels on childbearing and access to childbirth attendants in Hawai`i.  Which is why weʻve created this simple survey.  Please let your voice be heard by taking the survey.  Itʻs anonymous so your privacy will be protected.  Let's speak out about our birth practices!

*Here is the survey:  Hawai`i Home Birth Community Self Assessment 

*Anyone who: has given birth at home, is a father, a doula or a midwife, planned to birth at home but went to the hospital, was born at home, is planning to birth at home, has attended a family member's birth at home can fill out the survey!!!!


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