The ABC of Birthing - Natural Childbirth Education


Wherever you choose to give birth, know the information to make your decisions confidently and to birth your baby! 

Classes are for you in preparation for your birth, if your partner desires to be as involved as possible, or your grandmother or sister will attend your birth, this is a wonderful opportunity for all to get educated about childbearing.  

TOPICS include the holistic stages of labor, labor support tools, birth positions, what to do with the placenta, breastfeeding, the truth about the postpartum period, what are obstetrical procedures, water birth and birth kit.

WHEN: 2018 classes are held Thursday evenings 7-9pm for a four-part series each month it is being offered.  For the focus for everyone attending, we request only nursing infants up to one year of age to attend with you.


The ABC of Birthing - Natural Childbirth Education

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